Tuesday, October 17, 2006

College Football Brawl + Lou Pinella + NLCS

Hey fans,

If you’re a baby boomer parent like me, that Miami Florida / Florida International football game brawl had to set you off. That display was a microcosm of what's wrong with this generation. Yes, my generation, the "baby boomers" had issues also. We were hippies, beer drinkers, and weed smokers, and we disagreed with about everything the government did, but we were raised to respect authority. Our parents, who commanded the first line of respect from us, for the most part instilled in us a sense of right and wrong, and accountability for our actions. Yes, we went astray often, and had to pay the price, and it taught us to respect authority. That brawl was a clear example of this generation's lack of respect for authority, and their quick tempered, mercenary-like approach to resolving conflict. They have no sense of accountability, and I lay the blame on their lack of parental pressure, as well their exposure to the fantasy, confrontational world of today's electronic entertainment. I guarantee there is an electronic game available somewhere, of course for mature audiences only, where you can get in the middle of a brawl, stomp on someone, survive and become the local neighborhood gang hero. These kids act out their fantasies just as I wanted to be The Lone Ranger, a 1960's cowboy hero, but our guns weren't loaded.

Every player in that brawl the acted offensively should loose one year of eligibility. The helmet swinger is kicked out of college, the stomper looses his scholarship, and all the country should see this play out on ESPN. Authority wins out, nobody gets away with it, and in the future, they will think before they act. Yes, labeling the entire generation as thugs is not my intention. There is a high percentage of productive, respectful, and passionate young people who will become the leaders of tomorrow, unfortunately it’s the remainder that seem to get the exposure.

The "recycle bin" has given up another manager, as sweet Lou Pinella is now the Cubs manager. He's a perfect fit, as they say. Seems they said that in Tampa, Seattle, and Cincinnati at one time. There's nothing like being in the booth or in uniform somewhere to keep your stock high.

The Mets won a big one in St. Louis, to even the series at 2. Right now Delgado is the MVP, but the series is anybody's. Neither team has any starting pitching after Glavine or Carpenter, so the games are unpredictable. Look for Pujols to do some damage over the next few games, and the series to go 7. Karma has St. Louis and Detroit in the series.



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