Friday, November 10, 2006

World Series

Hey fans,

Well, the Cardinals are the champions, in what I feel was a less than entertaining World Series. They don't care about that though. They'll hang the banner with pride in the accomplishment, as all Champions do.

The poor play by the Tigers, and lack of hitting made for a sub par Series. Fans always want offense and great defense, and close games. I think the Tigers over did it in their celebration following the playoffs, add in the layoff, and they got stale. That's too bad because they're a great team.

Baseball is a sport that can go this way over a short series. Good pitching always stops hitting, just like bad hitting causes good pitching to occur. Why did Polanco light it up in the playoffs, and go stone cold in the Series? Why did I hit .400 in the 1983 NLCS and go 1-20 in the Series as we lost to the Orioles in 5? Who knows? That's baseball!

A-Rod will stay with the Yankees, what about Soriano, Carlos Lee, Clemens...we'll see over the next month.


Blogger The Rev said...

Hi Mike...

I just found your website and found your blog through the site. I'm glad to see you online.

I'm a longtime Phillies fan, and you were my favorite player all of those years. I wanted to write to say that it was a thrill to watch you at the Vet so many times. I was there to see you address the crowd when you celebrated your 500th home run, and was also there to see you address the crowd after your retirement. I have had the pleasure to meet you several times and appreciated the time you took to sign an autograph for me.

I'll be checking in to read your writings. I hope there are more writings in the near future. I hope you and your family are well. Thanks for the memories and God Bless!

7:06 PM  

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