Monday, January 15, 2007

Bowl Season

Happy New Year...what a bowl season! I don't know if I have ever seen a better college football game than Boise State vs. Oklahoma. You could not have written a better script if it were a movie. I remember in college playing intramural football and drawing plays like that in the dirt, they never worked, someone always botched something. The pass lateral, then the Statue of Liberty, and they both worked in the highest possible pressure. Unbelievable! Then what about Florida routing Ohio State even after an opening kickoff return for a touchdown. I still don't know when Ginn hurt his ankle. Rumor has it that it happened when he was mobbed by his teammates in the end zone. Whatever, the Florida Gators were coached better than any team in a big game ever. They were severe underdogs, and not only did they win, they dominated. Hats off to Boise State and Florida. How cool would it be if they played a Championship Game?

Have a great 2007


Blogger aaron said...

Hi Mike. I just want to thank you for all the memories. My dad and I loved to see you play and collected all you're cards. He passed away back in '94 when I was in high school and if I think back to remember our time were always there. (you are still there-everytime i go home to visit my mom I get to see a GIANT Schmidt autograph on the old wooden disc the Phils used to retire your number) .

As a Phillies fan I was only 2 when you guys won the series, so I have only seen it on video...but I'm glad I saw it with my dad. I'm sure you know that you've touched many a life....I just want you to know that you've touched mine. Thanks, for all the memories.


5:58 PM  
Blogger TomE said...

More thanks to you Mike. I was 7 when you guys won. One of my favorite pictures I took when I was little is of you taking a lead off of 3rd base at the Vet. We usually sat up in the 700 level, but someone gave us a box seat down there that one time.

Anyway, I'm lucky - my Dad is still alive. He's been going down to spring training every year for 20 years, and I'm going down to do it with him this year. Thank you for connecting with your fans like this and giving us a chance to share our memories.

8:52 AM  
Blogger BillaWhere said...

I graduated from High School the year you won the series, so it was a GREAT graduation present. An added bonus was the Iggles making the Super Bowl the same year. I never thought I'd have to wait at least 27 more years for another Phillies WS Championship. I have a really good feeling about this years team. I think they might be the team with "it" this year.

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Blogger Chaplain14 said...

Mr. Schmidt:

Sir, it is an honor to write to you, and hope you read this. Great feedback. I'm an Army Chaplain, with @ 12 years of Active Duty Service - also a Veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Would you be willing to write on Pete Rose? I know that he's tried even your patience. I've been a Rose fan since 1970 - age 7. Lived in Blanchester, Ohio - @ 35 miles from Cincinnati. Left Ohio, and moved to Alabama with relatives after my Parents passed away.

I became a Phils fan, when Rose joined the team. Watching you guys win the 1980 World Series is one of my all-time favorite MLB Memories. I respected you as a Red fan, and grew to appreciate you even more during the Rose-Phils years.

Anyway, Mr. Rose has been a disappointment - to say the least. Do you think Pete even has a chance to make the HOF after his death? Seems he continues to find new ways to burn bridges.

Thanks for your time and attention, and especially for your HOF Career and your Christian Stand. God bless you and your family. Take care.



7:43 PM  
Blogger GM-Carson said...

Schmidt- you were my idol. Thanks to you, I grew up playing 3rd and a Phils fan. Well, maybe I shouldn't thank you for that last part. Anyway, I'd get a huge kick out of it, if you stopped by my blog and dropped a comment.

My Phillies blog- We Should Be GM's @

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